From an early age I have had a healthy interest in music, from taking guitar lessons at the age of 9 to forming a punk/rock covers band at 13 whist undergoing rigorous drum tuition. Originally, my musical interests lay in the sounds of early naughties punk-rock and metal bands, revelling in the sounds of Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Blink 182, The Offspring, Static X etc. but before entering higher education, my taste progressed and diversified into the realms of dance & electronic music.

During my time enrolled at a music institution in my home city of Norwich, I met scores of musicians and budding producers who shared my enthusiasm for having a broad spectrum of musical taste that may be used to create a wide and contrasting catalog of cross-genre music!…

…instead I chose to make drum and bass!

My influences raged with ear-splitting sounds from artists such as Spor, Noisia, Phace & Misanthrop, Calyx and more (the list is endless). However, the practice behind creating electronic music such as drum and bass put me in the line of producing computer music for other media forms, such as composing themes and ‘idents’ for radio, with thanks to a module I was taking at the time: Radio & Podcast Production. These themes featured on local station Future Radio, as well as an internet station called Breakthru Radio. Because myself and a few others were picked to produce and present a show featured on Breakthru, this gave me a lot of scope for what styles and production methods I could use for creating the themes we could use.

I have recently graduated with a First Class Ba(Hons) degree in Creative Music Technology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge where my own music production has evolved, as well as my taste in the music I listen to and explore. Now I have completed the course, my attention is firmly fixed on producing works for TV, Film and Games which, inspired by music and methods learned through a module involving ‘Music for Digital Media’. This has led me to create backdrops for film and game clips that branch out into all kinds of orchestral and contemporary compositions.

My taste for film and game music incorporates all of the aspects of my own personal music history whilst endaevoring to introduce more experimental forms and combine classical orchestration and instrumentation with ambient atmospheres, electronic fx and sound-scapes. This has prompted my passion for composing music for film as well as a keen interest in sound design, which relates back to projects undertaken during my initial introduction to a higher education in music.


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