New Projects: Odd Socks (Documentary) – 5 July 2012.

I am currently working on the score for a 10 minute feature on the drama company Odd Socks, based in Derby. The documentary, filmed by YSP Media’s Chris Bevan, involves an underlying magical theme which”gives the theatre that strong sense of mysticism” (as quoted from filmmaker C. Bevan). Samples of the score soon to come. The finished feature will be hosted by YSP Media (


Recently Completed Projects: Pink Flora Collection – 31st Nov 2011.

I have recently completed a score of solo piano works composed for…
‘A short film inspired by Monika Codrington’s Pink Flora Collection from the Breast Cancer Charity Event organised by The Best of Derby’. Directed by Chris Bevan of YSP Media (
Details and a video of the production can be viewed via the link below:

World Premiére: Terra Nova – 14th Nov 2011.

Have been to see the premiére of the first piece written for concert instruments, laptop ensemble and video gamer! Below is a summary of the proceedings for the concert:

Summary of the Event:

Terra Nova | Vita Nuova

Julio d’Escriván – Terra Nova, concerto for videogame player and electroacoustic ensemble (world première)

Luciano Berio – Laborintus 2

Julio d’Escriván’s Terra Nova was written especially for Anglia Sinfonia and the Mechanical and Electroacoustic Music Ensemble (MEME) in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the British Antarctic Expedition led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott. The audiovisual materials for this piece are drawn from original archival material held in the Scott Polar Research Institute.

Terra Nova uses the medium of the video game, projected on to a large screen, to commemorate Scott’s tragic expedition through the use of three-dimensional recreations of the Antarctic landscape. Anglia Sinfonia and MEME provide the additional live orchestral material in emulation of the early cinematic practice of playing live music to film.

The concept of ‘New Lands’ finds further resonance in Luciano Berio’s 1965 masterpiece for singers, actors and orchestra, Laborintus 2. Written to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the birth of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri,Laborintus 2 presents a kaleidoscopic amalgamation of poetry, vocalisation, music and electronic sounds, drawing on themes from Dante’s La Vita Nuova (The New Life) and The Inferno.

Techilla Interactive: The Professionals – 13th Sept 2011.

Am currently working on the theme and additional music for an up-coming futuristic TPS entitled The Professionals from Techilla Interactive Game Studios. Initial mock-ups of parts of the score have been sent to the developers and they’re signed on for Urej Music! Stems and other works-in-progress are waiting to be uploaded however check out more on The Professionals project via the link below:

or visit them at twitter:

In The Studio – 22nd June 2011.

Back to working on the studio tan for a good few hours recording some one hit samples and loops from a host of different percussive instruments. The bane of my day (as well as that of my studio colleague, S. Bateman) – recording each individual note of an indian Santoor, as well as recording cinematic scrapes and transitions by playing the thing using the palms of your hand. All in all… no mean feat! We also took the time to partake in recording some foley sounds and effects, something that is always a good laugh, and is also a slight side-passion of mine…although I doubt it will outshine my love for composing! (maybe!!)

Completion Of A Project – 21st June 2011. 

Have completed my work extended the piece ‘The Falls Road’, originally created by composer Keith Merrill, for the game 1985 Reclamation. The finished piece can be heard on the ‘Music For Games’ page of my blog.

For more info on the 1985 Reclamation project visit the website via the link below:

Audio / Visual Seminar – 13th Apr 2011.

Attended a seminar presented by Geoff Gamlen of Eclectic Method, audio-visual artists, who gave in-depth talks on how he began in the industry, the rise of Eclectic Method, gigs and showcases for various clients, software and hardware packages currently using and even a short live performance. (nearly inspired me to become a live audio-visual artist…..nearly!)

more info on Eclectic Method at

Taking on Projects – 4th Apr 2011.

I have ow completed the sound track for Cult Media TV (producer S. Douglas) which can now be viewed on the Projects page of my blog.

I am currently working on an Ambient/Sound design project with experimental film Director Ann Evelin Lawford. Soundtrack to completed by May 11th 2011.

Now writing score for animation cut-scene for Serhan Miah, Games Designer. Theme based around the mythology of Perseus and Medusa. Soundtrack to be completed by May 11th 2011. Final mix will be posted on the projects page of my blog. Check the page around this date to hear the final results.

Interaction Revision Seminar  – 23rd Feb 2011.

Cultures of Digital Economy.

I break up the layers in game spaces”. (Nitsche. 2011)

The first of my news/events updates. I have attended a seminar on Gaming and Interactive Media, held by Michael Nitsche of Georgia Tech University and the Digital World & Image Group where he discussed projects undertaken by his students and himself and also explained a little on his theories on game spaces. These involve both the player and the interactive space itself and can be identified by 5 categories….

  • Rule Based.
  • Play Space.
  • Social Space/Circle.
  • Mediated.
  • and Fictional.

Digital World & Image Group mission statement:

‘Improve the interactions between people with the help of digital media’.

For more information on Nitsche and the projects he has taken part in as well as related Interactive Digital/Sonic projects and background information, use the links below!


or visit…

“Interactions should be seen as a performance for digital spaces”. (Nitsche. 2011)


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